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I want to transfer my i7 4790k to a itx mobo with 1150 socket to put in a small itx cube case.
Problem is, most mobo now are sporting 1151 socket.
I want to buy an itx mobo that was high end 2-3 year ago before 1151 came out.
Can you recommend such mobo?
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  1. It's 200 dollars in my country lol.
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  2. superninja12 said:

    Too bad that it can't be used with an i7-4790K processor that requires a LGA1150 socket.
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  3. aargh i tought it was z97
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    There's not much left in stock in regards to mini-ITX Socket 1150 motherboards.

    There is a Z87 chipset mini-ITX motherboard still available. You would need to make sure that the motherboard has BIOS version 1504 or later to properly support the i7-4790K processor.

    If it's still available, a Z97:
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