Changed Heatsink - PC doesn't boot anymore.

My computer started shutting off on its own. It happened 3 times before I cued in.
I installed HWMonitor from CPUID and it said the AUXTIN temerature had a high of 170C even though at the moment it was at around 70C.

Thinking it's a cooling issue I looked at the heatsink and one of the 4 legs pinning it on the CPU was broken, thus making a less than perfect contact.
So I bought a new heatsink of similar grade, applied a new coat of thermal paste and put it back together.

Now when I start my PC I don't get any video. I just tried another video card and it's the same problem so I don't quite know how to proceed from here.
No beeping, and the monitors say Check Signal Cable.

The motherboard doesn't beep.

I can't be more specific without booting the thing and checking the system info. It's an older machine so I don't have the papers anymore.
Mobo: ASUS P7P55D-E-LX
CPU: Core i5
Heatsink: Deep Cool HTPC-200 (About the same size as the old one)
Video: Asus card. I think it's 1Gb and it takes a single additional PCI-E power input.
PSU: Stealth XTreme 2 500W
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4x4Gb

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    It seems that your motherboard or processor died, since you tried a different videocard and it did not work. To make sure, you will need to test these components.
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  2. Are you positive your cooler is compatible with your cpu/mobo and that it is sitting tight against it?
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