Msi GTX 1060 Gaming X+ vs Gigabyte Aorus

They are both about the same money, but which is better?
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  1. Gigabyte Aorus has a RGB led i guess and has more memory clock
    can you tell us the complete model no
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  2. yea the clock speed of Aorus is higher then the MSI and its RGB too
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  3. Yeah i saw that. But this difference is something that you are able to notice or its like 1 fps? And if so, i pick the most beautiful to me?
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  4. If you want lower temps msi is prob the better choice, I have a gtx 1050ti gaming x and I don't get over 50 Celsius on games like csgo,overwatch,rocket league,pubg and rust. On idle it should be like 25-29 celisus. MSI twin freezer has a good cooling system if you want to go for lower temps, and just overclock it later.

    (smaller games like minecraft,league of legends,etc get like 39-42 Celsius).
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    I keep on asking myself the very same question as of right now I am about to change my old GPU for either 580 or 1060 (not an easy choice nowadays with their availability and prices). And I am also choosing between MSI Gaming and Aorus Xtreme series.
    Even though I'm used to MSI production, to me the Aorus one seems like better option. Why? Because of the copper in it and the fact that it at least is TRYING to cool the VRAM and MOSFET... when MSI doesn't even care about it.



    Ed. Changed the link for Aorus photo for better understanding.
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