Which is better for gaming i5 4690k vs i7 3930k?

I am planning for exchange my core i5 4690k + ECS H87 to i7 3930k with Gigabyte X79 UD3. Even on stock clock, this will increase fps in games, such as CS:GO, BF1, etc.?
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  1. My guesstimate is that there will be pretty much no difference at stock speeds.
    HT can increase performance a bit, but higher clock speed is typically better.
    If you want more performance you should spend the money on a better graphics card instead.
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  2. Why would you want to do that? With cooling by air only, my 4690k is running at 4.6mhz. The only difference in an i7 is it has hyper threading and possibly more cores . Honestly i think you would be downgrading. Devils canyon processors are built like tanks and can handle some real abuse. If anything upgrade to a i7 4790k if you can find one for cheap.

    Also you'll be almost doubling your energy consumption. That processor is almost 140w.

    If you aren't doing anything intensive and just playing games, you will never need anything more than an i5 4690k. Spend the extra money on a 1080GPU. Some games are just CPU heavy like Battlefield 1.
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  3. For gaming only it is a stupid idea. You are pretty much downgrading.
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