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Per Subject...I have a EVGA Supernova G2 750W power supply. I currently have a Nvidia 1050Ti graphics card installed that didn't require any external power cable. If I want to upgrade to a 1060 or higher, that requires power cable...do I just use one of the included, labeled VGA from the power supply? The end looks to have 6-pins with a separate little add-on on the side that would add 2 more for a total of. Dumb question but I've never used a graphics card that didn't just use the PCI slot for power. I just want to make sure I have the correct cable standing by for an upgrade. Thanks.
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  1. You should have 4 x 6(+2) pin connectors labeled PCI-E or VGA. So yes, use those.
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  2. Yes, you will not have any issues. That PSU have 6+2 pin on each cable in case the GPU needs an 8 pin, 8+6 pin or 8+8 pin.
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