FX 8320 overclocking temperature? TUrbocore, CPU Core shows max 77° Celsius!

VashCZ good point, imagine summer with 33° Celsius outside and his CPU has 8° C? Is there a air conditioner next to the CPU?! I Have 21-25 minimum @ 8320 (old version with TDP 125W), I just tried to increase Turbocore and went to 77°C.... of course I reduced it, maybe a 2 x 0.0125V increase for Turbocore Mode #0 (4 cores @ 4.3 GHz instead of the 3.5 GHz, standard turbo is 4.0 GHz and the #1 mode is 3.7 GHz standard, heavy how much more temp we have here, but I have already with normal turbocore ~65°C @ GTA V - what's wrong? Got 1 CPU cooler, 2 GPU Coolers (OC Gaming Card DirectCUII), 1 be!quiet power adapter cooler, and another CPU cooler but without temperature measurement so its always running at very slow ~1200 rpm,

but however he is the I would say by far largest cooler, and better 1200 rpm of a ~7cm diameter cooler in front with a whole in the upper side for the cooler (chassis seems to be designed for this CPU or its standard 2nd cooler size? because it fits exactly), my case has air openings to all 4 sides which of course is good if cooler room air goes in and all the coolers together should create a quite heavy air draft, CPU cooler with temp measurement goes up to 4500 rpm I think, and its far in the green area @ AMD OverDrive (do they want to decrease the lifetime of CPU's lol?!), 65° Celsius with ~4200 rpm is very light green , as said the other cooler is always running @ 1200rpm and shows -127° C^^ try it complete without turbocore? But why does AMD Overdrive tells me its everything cool?! My system is already very old so I dont want to risk to destroy it because of a few per cent more performance,i have a electricity flatrate if you want so, so energy does not interest me, otherwise I would not use a 450W System @ 0.28 - 0.29€/kWh (~0.33 USD/kWh...) it was already on when I bought the system...
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  1. It seems like you're in the middle of a conversation but decided to start a new thread without including any of the context. A lot of this is just confusing text and random asides, you may want to trim your questions down to the essentials

    77 is far too hot. There's no chance that the CPU is actually at 8 degrees on idle, it's just that reported measurements for AMD CPUs tend to be pretty awful. Use the thermal margin reported in AMD Overdrive - in that software, it tells you how many degrees you have "left" before you get into the trouble zone, so you want to keep it above 0.
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