Asus x99 deluxe 2 long boot times

so, I built a monster pc for editing, it contains a xeon e5 2696v3, 14gb ddr4 ram, gtx980, 250ssd m2 for OS, samsung evo, 500gb ssd samsung evo, and a lot of terabytes, so you get the idea, and the motherboard taking care of it is the Asus x99 deluxe 2!
the problem is, I expected it to be very fast turning on and is slower than my older i7 2600, gtx680,8gb ddr3 ram, and OS on sata ssd. also, I went to download the drivers on Asus website and there is a sh*t ton of drivers to download, and I don't know which should I download it and install. I downloaded a bunch of drivers for the deluxe 2 and one of the softwares made my pc have error during post. the big question is: how can I speed up my pc so it is faster at opening simple tasks as chrome(takes longer than I expected it to take given its power), my MacBook Pro opens up adobe premiere way faster, so I wanted to optimize that pc so it is fast at everything, because rendering times and playback of 4k videos is awesome, that he can do it easily and beautifully!
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  1. Did you turn on fast boot in bios? If no do that now. Then LMK how fast it boots.
  2. atomicWAR said:
    Did you turn on fast boot in bios? If no do that now. Then LMK how fast it boots.

    yes I already did it! it takes a long time to POST, after that is pretty fast, after post it will take about 7-10s to boot up
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    Probably won't get any faster then. You could try limiting the time your bios screen posts and disable the boot screen logo. that's about it.
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