AORUS AX370 K5 or ASUS ROG Strix X370-F Motherboard

Hello guys, I can't seem to decide on a motherboard for my upcoming rig. The goal of it is gaming, i'm stuck with these two motherboars, both seem very similar and have praticaly the same prize

Gigabyte one:
Asus Strix one:

Can someone show me the most recommended?

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    Check this out if you haven't

    As you say, they are quite close but I would say that the ASUS board is my choice. The Gigabyte has onboard graphics (which I don't particularly care about). The Strix has better audio, more fan headers, and other features that the Gigabyte doesn't.

    Take a look at that comparison, it made it pretty easy for me to decide. Based on exactly what features you are looking for, you may decide differently.
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