EVGA G3 750W for a future build

I currently have 4670K with a GTX 1070, 16GB of RAM, two SSDs and two HDDs on 550 antec PSU.

I want to upgrade the PSU to overclock the CPU since the existing one isn't all that great. I know that 750W is an overkill for this build, but I don't really have a choice (low availability in my country) and I plan to upgrade to cannonlake 9700K and volta 2080 Ti when they come out.

The G3 is a really really good PSU and I don't really want a different one.

Do you think this is fine or should I look at the other options? Will the PSU utilization be below 50%?
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    I mean, the 750W G3 would 'work', but does seem excessive.

    You mention limitations in your country, but where is that specifically? And what would your budget be?

    With your current setup, even with an overclock, I'd be surprised if your draw on the PSU was anything >300W. (s0 40% utilization, or less).

    Officially, to be quantified as Gold 80+ (and you'd be using 230V?) that's an 88% efficiency at 20% utilization and 92% at 50%.
    So a 4% 'swing' is the max allowed for Gold 80+. The G3 is a quality unit, and I'd expect it's efficiency to be a little better, so it's not likely to impact your utility bill by much.
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