how watts psu need.....

I want to build a pc....
Cpu:i5 7600k
Ram:2x8 ddr4 2400
Monitor:asus 21.5"
Board:asus strix z270h
Gpu:gtx 1070
Cpu cooler x 1....

How power do i run this pc smoothly and i will do overclocking...
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  1. 500-550w is plenty from a quality power supply.
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  2. Agreed with Math Geek, keyword being QUALITY.

    That 550w unit you find for $30 cant actually output 350w, and when it dies there is a large chance it will fry the rest of your system with it.

    Sesonic S12 and M12 are the best bang for buck right now, there is 520 and 620w versions.
    Corsair CX (with silver letters, not green letters) is good too.
    If you want to step it up than EVGA B2/G2/G3/GQ models are all good (not N1/W1/B1/G1 though).
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  3. so what should i buy many watts
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  4. here are 3 quality units with plenty enough power,fZyFf7,nB3RsY/

    the 620w seasonic is a GREAT price right now and would be top of my list at the moment.
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