Theoretical question about why game lags when another device is downloading something on the same router

So I have a internet bandwidth of 75 mbps and the router has a max data transfer rate of 300 mps. With wireless connections, when I am playing a game and my roommate is downloading something at 2MB/s, my game has a high ping. Why is it?
75mbps would convert to 9.37MB/s and 300mbps would be even more. He is only downloading at 2MB/s. We are supposed to have 7MB/s bandwidth left, right? That is a lot for gaming. Why does the game lag then? Did I understand this wrong? Please help
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    Because the router can only communicate with one wireless device at a time. It also can only transmit OR receive wirelessly. So downloading something means the other device is always getting data. The router doesn't prioritize your real-time traffic over the download traffic. So you get interrupted. The best think you can do is switch to wired.
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  2. Thank you man. One more question : If I add another wireless access point can i solve the problem?
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  3. Maybe. Assuming you connect the access point via a wired connection, have a second clear channel the AP can use, give it a different SSID so that you can connect to a specific WIFI source, then you might work around the issue.
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