PSU MAX vs Continuous

Is this PSU calculator accurate ?

I'm running that system on a Seasonic continuous 550w, max 640w.

Is it safe to run it 24/7 ? I"m asking because last time I did 7h stress test + 2h game the power supply fan didn't even spin
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  1. well if I go by that PSU calculator and the Seasonic MAX wattage I was about 17 watts over for the 12v , I just down clocked the GPU by 5% that equals 17 watts 112% for power target EVGA FW3
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    It says Load Wattage 595W, so recommended 645W PSU? WTF?

    UPDATE: the recommendation for PSU is fine, but the LOAD WATTAGE makes no sense. They had it at 92% load on the PSU which makes no sense. You normally go no higher than 75% load.

    (or maybe I just don't understand the way it is worded)

    Here's how to calculate properly:
    1. Lookup "power consumption" for an R5-1600X system. Use OC value.
    2. Add in same for GTX1080Ti. (worst-case)
    3. add 40W more for fans/HDD's
    4. Multiply by 1.33 and get PSU similar or slightly higher (if you want really QUIET some "ECO MODE" PSU's need Wattage to be under 50%)

    *Note that the above is worst-case for CPU and GPU both. Gaming never hits that so going by 1.33x that value may really end up about 50% load when gaming.

    CPU-> 170W (Prime95 goes higher but it's not reasonable to include)
    GPU-> 280W

    Add 40W = 490W then 1.33x = 650W recommendation or greater.

    But.. that's for "optimal" fan noise etc. It might be closer to 350W when gaming, or about 64% load which is fine.

    *So your worst-case is fine, typical gaming should be fine, so it's all good.
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  3. UPDATE:
    Just FYI but it can be difficult to find out the exact power as some people use the WALL POWER DRAW and others use the power drawn by the device itself. These are not the same thing.

    Long story short though is I see no reason to be concerned with your 550W PSU.

    *I can confirm I have ECO MODE on my PSU so that I'd need to hit 375W for the fan to turn on. It does not. I have an i7-3770K (at 4.4GHz) + GTX1080 (OC) + 16GB so even if you use more than 375W it's doubtful it would be much more.
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  4. Psu calculator, believe it or not, this time is right on the money.
    Using OC.
    Cpu 200w
    Gpu 300w
    Mobo, accessories & other junk 100w
    That's 600w flat out, maxed out, never happen values. Nobody ever runs the cpu, gpu at 100% on both, with hdd/ssd/ram/fans etc also at 100%. So, realistically a 600w psu will work. However, there are no decent quality 600w psus at all. This would require a move to a 620w Seasonic platform or 650w for most other good quality platforms.
    Gaming use is generally @60% of total, so roughly 350w, on a 650w psu puts you right in the 50-70% sweet spot for efficiency and performance of a decent psu.

    If you aren't pushing that cpu to close to 200w OC, you could easily take off a huge chunk of wattage there, lowering max outputs close to 550w instead of 600w, which would still put gaming values well within the tolerances of a decent 550w psu.

    Oh, if you have an eco setting or thermal setting on the psu, the fan won't spin at all until the interior thermistor reaches a certain temp. This temp has relatively little to do with any cpu/gpu /case temps usually as the psu is generally upside down, drawing air from outside, exhausting outside. So the thermistor temp will only be relative to the ambient temp and load. If the fan didn't even engage, you weren't pushing the psu hard enough to get it hot enough to kick the fan on.
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  5. hum.. yeah I lowered the cpu to 3875 @ 1.375v and the GPU to 112% instead of 117% for power, that's about 17watts less for GPU and about 8watts less for the CPU, that puts the system close to 640w which the power supply can do, even if it's rated to 550w continuous, wonder if the PSU is underrated for continuous wattage, I just noticed the CPU, Motherboard, GPU power cables have capacitors in the sleeves, never seen that before
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  6. Those caps are just line filters to help clean up the voltages. SuperFlower likes then in line for its Evga's as well.
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