Delidded i7 3770k

Although I was advised not to upgrade my i7 2600 to a i7 3770k I went ahead and bought a used one. I delidded it myself and am running it up to 4.9 ghz on a hyper 212 evo air cooler (Asus p68 pro gen 3 motherboard with offset set to auto). So far it seems stable running around 82 c under prime 95. I really want to push it to 5 ghz but if fails everyone for a reason I dont know.

Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Delidding and the temperature is only tangentially related to how far you can OC that chip.

    It simply may not be capable of more than 4.9. Every chip is a little bit different.
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    ExodusPrime1337 was able to get his delidded 3770k to 4.8 on water
    Knoxx29 was able to hit 5 gigahertz on his rig, assuming water-cooled as well. (4998.83)

    Your mileage by vary but 4.6 - 4.8 seems to be the average for air-cooled.

    82°C is a bit too hot for my tastes.
    I try to keep my cpu's in the low 70°C's.
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  3. Well it just shut down on me at 4.9 ghz. Maybe it's not that stable at 4.9 either, but temps stayed below 84 on prime95. I use my rig for gaming so I don't think realistically it will ever hit these temps other than prime 95
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  4. It's not a temp is that specific chip.
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  5. Right right now I've had it running 1 hour at 5 ghz and 1.25 hours at 4.9. Do you think voltage might be a problem, or the chip just cant take the oc that long?
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  6. Well i got it somehow stable at 4.9. It just started acting right. No idea how.
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