Overclocking need help?

ok here are some questions
gpu:msi gaming x gtx 1050 ti
temp:40-50 Celsius while gaming
im using msi afterburner
1.when you overclock you have to have msi afterburner on?
2.when you're done gaming do u leave the oc setting on?
3. or do u make 2 profiles one not overclocked one that is overcloked
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  1. 1--yes

    2--i do

    3--guess you could if you want to but if not under load the gpu will downclock itself any way
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  2. I can't overclock my GPU without Afterburner, and just as important, I run a custom fan profile for gaming so I have to have that on to prevent thermal throttling. I turn AB off when I'm not doing anything with the GPU which includes not only gaming but video rendering. If I'm not gaming or rendering, I don't even turn AB on. My fans don't even spool up until the GPU hits a certain load/temp, which in general use like office apps and surfing doesn't happen. I'm cautious about longevity of my GPU cooling fans. If I don't need them on, I don't want them on.
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