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Okay so I have dreamed about building my own pc now for years and im finally getting my chance to, but one problem is that all though I have researched endlessly im still lost on some parts of it.
it's going to be a gaming rig that can be used with a VR system the part list is as follows on PcPartPicker

however, i want to make sure I have everything I feel as this is a good parts list but I want to be sure. I also want to try my hand at music production so I want to be able to have a pc that can be used for more than just gaming all through I think I have done this I just need reassurance before taking the plunge and buying.
Thank you, any help is appreciated.
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  1. It looks pretty good, but a few changes:

    I'm sure you've heard plenty by now, but Ryzen is becoming a new go-to over the nearly EOL Skylake/Kaby Lake stuff from intel. I'd heavily suggest getting a Ryzen 7 1700, 1700x or 1800x. It'll serve you well, especially considering the infancy of AMD's socket type.

    2. 550 watts is really cutting it close. Be safe and go at least 650. This is probably overkill, but under load, the LAST thing you want is a throttling GPU or a jacked up PC.
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  2. Less money but will perform much better. also, you won't need the 1080 unless you're using a 1440p monitor, and I would really recommend overclocking the 1700
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