Need Assistance in Overclocking an (AMD 8320E ChIP)

Gyys please help me in overclocking my amd fx 8320e and my mobo is (ga-970a-ds3p (rev. 2.0) or (2.X ) i dunno if that actually the same coz my mobi says rev 2.0 in the chip . But in the gigabte website there is no 2.0 so i think its probably 2.X.

So to be start with , I want to overclock my chip to atleast 4.2 ghz its keep bothering me coz the tutorials on youtube are limited and also its diffrent from mine . In the CPU VCORE they can directly put it to like (1.333v) unlike mine i can just set it to +50 +60.. +200 and so on ,and also the NB CORE idk how it really works , also guys .
You can just tell me step by step all that needed to be change or to set . Everything I need to enable or disable like that. Sorry for being to needy , I just have no talents about this , thats why i need you guys badly .
Thanks and advance ☺☺
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  1. That is a terrible motherboard for OCing that chip. I wouldnt. How to OC, that is pretty universal, you have to find what your CPU is capable of, all CPUs are different. There are no settings you can just set it to.
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