New set-up, i5-7600k + Z270-A Prime + Cooler master Hyper EVO 212 - Idle already to hot?

Hi all,

Since my old set-up which is: FX-8320 + 970A-G43 was getting too hot because of VRM's and just a poor mobo, i did upgrade to i5-7600k + Z270-A Prime + Cooler master Hyper EVO 212. (further specs: GTX 1060 3gb, 16GB DDR4 Corsair vengeance 3000mhz)

I watched tons and tons of vids and topics and this set-up seems reasonable to me to buy since i can OC a bit with this cooler and its just a good upgrade imo.

No the next thing happenend; Since this was my first time building a PC i did put on to much thermal paste on my i5, i could tell because of the spills next to the CPU and idling temps were at like 55 degrees, gladly i didnt spill anything on the mobo or underneath the CPU. I removed the paste, added a new amount (peasize) and attached everything again.

idling temps are around 40-50 now. Still i'm worried, because when i run PUBG or a cpu stresser, temp goes up to like 75 degrees. Keep in mind i didnt overclock anything yet..

Are these temps normal? Can i even overclock? I did read and see tons of people that say overclocking to max 4,6ghz wouldnt be a problem with this fan. Still i wont OC, because i dont want to go over 75 degrees.

What to do?
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  1. Does your case have air flow through it?
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