Should i overclock my Ryzen 5 1600 CPU?

Recently, i bought the r5 1600 for my gtx 1080 GPU. I'll only be using it for gaming, but not the kind of games that are overwhelmingly demanding on the CPU, so... is it worth overclocking it?
I mean, I don't think i'll ever use the CPU to its 100%.. and as i learned, OCing shortens its life, gives higher temperatures and such, so... Is there really any point for me to do that?

Also, is the OCing gonna be any easier since i haven't yet installed anything (all of the components are still in their boxes)?
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    Does not matter if components are installed or not, all OC is done in BIOS (some boards have utility programs that can help with that too).
    OC is made to increase performance - but if you don't need it, it does not make sense - like would you use Ferrari to ride 10 mph? So get your machine running, and see what performance you get. If you get enough FPS, there's no point to OC. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you can then try OC.
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