XOC precision EVGA. Black screen

XOC precision EVGA. Black screen system crash I'm a newbie overclocker looking for help.

1. I have over clocked my GPU at 400mhz and it crashes. I have two ways to remove the software safe mode but does not permit access to XOC software to change settings due to no hardware found in safe mode.
Removing the GPU and used an i7 6700k integrated display with MSI z170 to uninstall XOC as well as guru's Display Driver Uninstaller. After reinstalling the above mentioned I can briefly before the crash it is still at 400 MHz over the set. How to stop this embedded(?) or format hard drive or locate in registers somewhere action from happing?

2. Is there a way to disable the GPU from MSI's Click Bios 5?

3. Afterburner from MSI looks better to me but I own an EVGA 1080 ti FTW3 with 9 heat sensors plus possibly other features I do not want to lose support for. Is XOC truly optimized or should I just use MSI?

4. I have bought the card to play and learn with mining and VR and AR. I would like to overclock for this reasons any suggestions?
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