ryzen 1600 + gtx 1060 6gb psu

my part list is as follows

i have currently chosen a 1050ti but i will be getting a 1060 6gb. i will be overclocking my cpu and gpu but i dont know how much wattage that will take. please reccomend me a new one. also, is it worth it to spend $30 extra going from a 80+ bronze to 80+ gold?
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  1. 1. Bronze or Gold tells you nothing about the quality or performance of you PC ... all it tells you us how much you spend on electricity.

    2. Ryzn does some things very well, but gaming is NOT one of them, tho it does do well in strategy / Sim games

    Cons: Gaming frame rates lower than competing Intel chips
    Higher power draw than Intel CPUs
    Memory frequency options and memory compatibility limited
    Setup complicated (memory, HPET, CCX, SMT, and power profile)
    Boost frequency significantly lower than on Ryzen 5 1600X
    Requires optimized apps of which there are not many
    Lacks integrated graphics

    In the 15 Game test suite, Ryzen won 2 of the battles ... 7600k won 13 with an average lead of 15%

    Game / Ryzen 1600 fps / 7600k fps

    BF1 / 173.80 / 222.10
    Civilization VI / 79.50 / 57.30
    DeusEx Mankind Divided / 96.60 / 123.60
    Dishonored 2 / 86.90 / 97.50
    Doom / 195.40 / 197.60
    Fallout 4 / 62.30 / 82.50
    Far Cry Primal / 95.80 / 128.00
    Hitman / 79.90 / 95.70
    Resident Evil 7 / 269.30 / 273.20
    RotR / 122.70 / 204.00
    Sniper Elite 4 / 151.30 / 182.60
    Styx: Shards of Darkness / 210.30 / 233.60
    Total War: Warhammer / 68.10 / 87.80
    Watch Dogs 2 / 101.70 / 86.70
    Witcher 3 / 129.00 / 139.30
    TOTAL / 1922.60 / 2211.50

    In Anadtech's testing 7600k was 21% faster

    3. As for the PSU, superb choice

    4. Your RAM is 2800 but your MoBo is listed as having up to 2666 RAM support, this may change w/ BIOS updates. If you go to Intel, 3200 is just about same price as anything slower

    5. Where do your games go ? Won't fit on that SSD ... recommend a SSHD 50% faster than WD Black

    6. Cant recommend the 1050 Ti, at release the RX 570 was the better card but w/ prices whacky this has hurt its value . The 1060 is the better choice for 1080p, if money's tight grab the 3GB .... while the 3 GB card averages 7% slower than the 6 GB card, it's not because of the VRAM amount. It's becase the 3 GB has 10 % less shaders. That lead is consistent all the way up to 4k proving that VRM is a non factor

    3GB $233

    6Gb $282
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  2. More optimisations are coming for the ryzen as of now. If you overclock the 1600 to about 3.9 ghz, it's within 10% of the 7600k. Honestly for 60hz gaming, either the i5 or the ryzen is fine. And I support ryzen here due to the pricing.
    For 144hz, it's the 7700k. No substitute there. Even the 7600k can't cut it.
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  3. if you want to us corsair use this number cmk16gx4m3200 the 16w or 16 r they have samsung b-die on .
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  4. The memory compatibility is solved with the latest bios. Any high speed ram will run.
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    You should opt for 550W or 650W PSU for your build as your total wattage be around 400W after OC. You will be future proof when in need of more power for ryzen 7 or 1070/1080 GPU's
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