i5 7600K OC Voltage?

So I got my I5 7600K to be OC stable at 4.6ghz - 1.28vcore. However, going above that requires quite the voltage boost. Right now I have 4.8ghz at 1.38V stable via OCCT Large Data Set. Temperature wise, everything is fine even on my Evo212, and De-lid. It tops out at around 68c when using Prime95. I have read some people have gotten 4.8ghz at much lower voltages. Is this what they call hitting, or missing the "silicon lottery"?

I would like to get that elusive 5ghz, but with it already at almost 1.4v, I hate to push it. How safe is it to run at 1.45v? Per the Intel specs, 1.5v is the max. Thanks.

This is what I have.

Asrock 270 Extreme 4 motherboard
i5 7600k CPU
16GB Gskill Trident DDR-3600 RAM
EVGA GTX960 video card.
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  1. You have already gotten a 800MHz overclock, I wouldn't exactly call that a loss in the silicon lottery. Those who hit 5GHz on that chip have just been very lucky.
    Stay under 1.35v would be best and no more than 1.4v at max. Anything above 1.35 risk degrading your cpu over time with higher voltage equals faster degrading.
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  2. I got my i5 7600k to 5ghz with 1.26 volts no problem temps are 30c idle 50c load.
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