Dual Monitor Setup For GTX 1050Ti VGA(Using Mobo) & DVI(Vid Card)

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Ive been trying to look at some answers but this is the closest one I got

The difference in my problem would be that one of my monitor is only capable of VGA(which is inserted in the vga port of the MoBo) and the other one is directly connected to 1050ti. How can I use the 1050ti on both monitors? It seems that my APU is being used on the VGA monitor and I cant get the FPS i want unlike in the DVI monitor.

A8 - 7600
Palit GTX 1050 ti
16gb ram
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    You can't use the 1050 with the motherboard port. The only way to use the 1050 with the VGA monitor is to purchase an ACTIVE VGA adapter. You could get a displayport to VGA or HDMI to VGA active (powered) adapter.
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  2. Active Converters are a bit expensive for me and im trying to find a bit cheaper solution. Will an HDMI to VGA work?
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  3. An HDMI to VGA still has to be an active converter. The graphics card ONLY has digital outputs. You want an analog output. You have to have have an active converter.
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  4. Thank you very much!
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