Will Trident Z RGB 2x8GB 3000mhz kit work with X370 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming K7 motherboard?

I'm buying a Ryzen 1700 and planning to also get the X370 Gigabyte Aorus K7 board but Ryzen apparently has RAM compatibility issues so I was doing lots of research on that but it seems everyone is only talking about the 3200mhz DRAM modules. The 3000mhz F4-3000C14D-16GTZR are on sale right now in a shop so I'm wondering if they will work with that board at all. Gigabyte doesn't list the 3000mhz version under the supported DRAM modules.
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  1. In the compatibility list for the memory from gigabyte I can't find F4-3000C14D-16GTZR too, however other TridentZ kits at higher speeds with both SKHynix and Samsung chip vendors are included. I also found this.
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  2. I found the model ID listed on AMD's AM4 memory support list: https://www.amd.com/system/files/2017-06/am4-motherboard-memory-support-list-en_0.pdf I'm going to go ahead and buy it and see what happens. I've also asked the same question on other forums and have been told that even if the memory is unsupported, it should still work. It just likely won't work at its rated clock speed. It would run at default 2133 clock. Once I get the kit, I will post my final result.
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  3. That is correct, it may not work well at overcklocking or hitting its rated speed. At the default speed it will work perfect.
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