Overclocked CPU, now computer wont boot.


Yesterday I decided to overclock my CPU. I saw that it didn't work (it got stuck in a boot-loop) so I went into my bios to put on default settings. I pressed Save changes and my computer died on me.

Now it will start up, run (all things spinning etc) but there's no image. No booting into windows.

I fear that my computer has died.


GTX-1080 (Strix)

Ryzen 5 1600


MSI B350M Mortar

275gb SSD (Crucial)

2tb HDD (Seagate)

16gb RAM Vengeance LPX

Two monitors (It's not the monitors fault, cables are fine)

I've tried pulling out the CMOS battery for 5 minutes, to no avail.

The motherboard has four LED lights, of which two are on. They are called EZ Debug LED's and it say 'CPU & DRAM' so I fear that it's my CPU & ram being broken. I looked at the CPU pins to make sure there's no physical damage - luckily there isn't.

I need your help, I spent 2000$ on this computer and I may have broken it in the span of a week. I'll never overclock again. That's for sure.
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