Positive or negative air for overclocking?

I saw 2 64 CFM 120mm fans for sale and I was wondering which pressure might be better for overclocking.

I was gonna go for positive air flow, but I'm not sure how that's will go. I assume that it will keep it cool.

I have a pre installed fan on the master box lite 3.1 Matx case but idk what cfm that blows.

Will a neutral cfm rear and front fan be better?
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    Generally speaking, neutral pressure with a flow from front to back is the best choice. But there is no way to know for a specific case/installation if one is better than the other. You may have to experiment. Generally negative pressure is bad because it pulls dust in from every possible opening. Positive pressure with appropriate filters provides the cleanest interior.
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  2. From what i've heard, negative air pressure brings in the most air, however the difference between negative, neutral, and positive (generally speaking) is almost nothing.

    As kanewolf said, I'd recommend going positive pressure, this way all your air travels thru the air filters and reduces dust buildup.
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