Upping voltage for a higher stable overclock?

So I decided to overclock my gpu knowing I may upgrade in the future. I use MSI Afterburner to overclock and MSI Kumbustor to benchmark and do I stress test after changing every thing. My GPU btw is a Geforce GTX 770 2gb Founders edition, standart core clock is 1046 and memory clock is 3505. I got to do a full stress test without crashing at a core clock of 1242 and a memory clock at 3814. If I went above those Kumbustor would crash. I heard if you turn your voltage up it can make it stable and not crash. Is it safe to turn up the voltage? Mine when overclocked auto turns the voltage to 1. If I wanted to achieve a higher core clock should I up the voltage? And if so, how far do I go on the slider. I've heard to much voltage going into the gpu can make it wear out faster and way to much can break it. Thank you for the help.
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