New custom built gaming pc turns off randomly And can't turn it back on

Hi so I built my new pc and it was fine than it started to turn of by itself and would not let me turn it back on, than minutes later it would turn itself on. Any ideas now I can't get it on at all?
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  1. Take a close look at the power switches and reset buttons.

    Inspect any involved wires and replace any cables with a connector that seems "flimsy".

    Double check that the motherboard or some component therein is not coming in contact with the case or otherwise being grounded out.

    The next steps would be to begin pulling and replacing components one at a time to determine if one is faulty.

    Overall it is a good sign that your build did work. May be that something just slipped or came loose once it was powered up and things heated up and/or moved.

    What PSU did you use? That, in my mind, is the most likely suspect.
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