ASRock mobo question Please help me

please click link for my asrock mobo spec: Link

I have 8GB single stick memory ram
"Gskill DDR3 1600mhz CL-10-10-10-30 1.50V"

i insert ram at my asrock mobo and i turn on my pc
my pc on buy my screen is black

My question:
MY Gskill 8GB single stick memory ram is compatible to my asrock mobo or not?
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  1. The maximum supported RAM for the board is 8GB, which divides to 4 GB per slot (2 slots). That RAM is probably incompatible.
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    No. It is not supported. The specifications for your motherboard specifically state a MAX RAM of 8GB across two slots (4GB RAM per slot). If you look at the QVL, there are no 8GB RAM modules listed there.

    -Wolf sends
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