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i am going to buy ''i5-7600k and MSI Z270M MORTAR''.
(i have..8gb ram and cm hyper 212x cpu cooler)
so can i overclock my cpu by this motherboard? will it support nicely?
thanks :)
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  1. Is your ram ddr4? It'll need to be to work.

    That cool will allow maybe a minor oc but nothing drastic
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  2. yes ddr4..3200mhz. is cpu n modo okay? and should i buy a watercooler?
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  3. I'd almost never suggest a water cooler. Especially on a 7600k build, when for the cost of w decent watercooler you could upgrade to a 7700k
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  4. Why the 7600k? If going Intel you are better to wait for coffee lake.
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  5. when coffee laake will release? In which month?
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  6. I think it's just a couple months out. I just built a ryzen system myself, but I think they started talking about coffee lake this week.
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  7. Wait for the next gen intels..
    Besides if you overclock,stick with asus or asrock... MSI never had good experience with them :/
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  8. 8th will come out in market in September or October..but i have to buy now :( btw is the ASRock good mobo company?
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    If you have to buy now, I urge you to consider an AMD Ryzen build. For the money you pay for the 7600k, you could probably buy a Ryzen R5 1600 6 core, which is 6 core 12 threads. And has ability to overclock.

    I have one myself, along with an ASRock board ironically, so far it seems to be a great combination. I've got mine overclocked to 3.7ghz on stock cooling (I need to tweak some more).

    Here's an article that gives you an idea.

    Basically if all you are doing is gaming, the 7600k will be a hair faster, but I'm guessing not enough to where you notice it. When you get into more multithreaded tasks and workstation type tasks if you are a power user, especially if you overclocked the 1600, the 7600k gets smashed.

    Even Intel is making next gen i5 to be 6 cores. So I'm my opinion, if it's a system you need now, if he a ryzen system. They things I've read say that the new coffee lake CPUs will most likely require a new motherboard. So their current platform is a dead end essentially. It might make sense if you are buying an i7 7700k, but for the budget listed, I'm just thinking the ryzen is the better buy.
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  10. thanks a lot broo
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  11. Not a problem. The i5 is a fine chip, but can't see building on a dead platform for that amount of money. If you only need a single GPU, look at the b350 motherboard series.

    The MSI tomahawk seems popular. Like one of these

    This is the board I'm running.

    If you want more features like sli, you will want the x370 boards. Also Ryzen loves fast memory, so try to get ddr4 3200 or at least 3000.

    As far as cooling goes, I'm running my 1600 on stock cooling at 3.7 GHz, though I may upgrade cooling, but if I stay where I'm at I don't need to necessarily.

    The 1600x is faster, but does not have stock cooling, so you pay 30 more for the cpu, and not for the cooler, when the 1600 overclocks close to the same level. If you wanted you could look at the 1700 8 core, but the 1600 is a good balance.
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  12. should I go with 1600x? will it be better then 7600k?
    u also using ryzen so how performance u getting ?
    sorry for bad English.
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  13. I'm happy with mine. If you read the article in my post above it gives you an idea what to expect. It will be a little slower in some games by looked 10% maybe. But when you get to where you are doing more multitasking it will slaughter the i5.

    Plus, a lot of guys are saying games will move towards being more multithreaded, both the Xbox one and PS4 are 8 core cpus. So as games move that way, you will want the extra cores and extra threads.

    Me personally I had an overclocked FX 6300 6 core before, and there 1600 especially overclocked is much smoother on games etc.

    As for 1600 be 1600x, the 1600x is faster, but they are both 6 core, both can overclock, and 1600x does not include a cooler with it in the box. The stock cooler with the 1600 is actually decent, so a lot of guys are buying the 1600 to save money, then overclocking to around the same performance as the 1600x can go to.

    But games, in single thread titles, 7600k will be slightly better, but when you start getting to where the cpu has to do a lot at once, there 1600/1600x will own it.
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  14. Generally if you want overclock, asrock does better.. great oc boards I had with them these past few years.
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