Trident z on gigabyte x370 with ryzen 1700x

I have found some DDR4 Trident z 4000 mhz ram reduced by 50% to £120 and am wondering if I would have any issues installing it on my new build of R7 1700x with a Gigabyte x370 gaming 5.

I am aware it would be very unlikely to run at rated speed but hopefully with BIOS updates in time it will. Also it is cheaper than most other DDR4 out there so seems like a sound idea.

What I don't want is for it to not work at all. There are other slower speed Trident Z on the QVL so I'm thinking it should be ok. Just don't want to commit without being sure.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. not officially supported but i think it works, their 4266 mhz is officially supported so, take the risk imo
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  2. It will surely work, only at a lower speed until support improves. You may be able to dial in a speed of about 3000mhz with DOCP in the bios.
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