Do you think a Cooler Master Hyper 212 will fit my case?

Do you think it will fit? The red fan on the left is a 120mm fan

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  1. Post what kind of case you got and what kind of cpu and we will get your answer.
  2. My case is a Segotep Halo ATX

    Motherboard:- gigabyte ga-h61m-ds2
    Processor: i5 3570
    RAM: 8gb
    GPU: Gtx 1050 (Planning on upgrading to gtx 1060 in the future)
    PSU: 500W
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    Cant fit the 212evo it seems.

    Maximum cpu cooler height for your case is approximately 140mm, and the 212evo is 159mm

  4. Thank you all for the replies man! I think I'll go for a Cryorig M9i or a Cryorig H7. These will fit right?
  5. Checking Segotep's site, it looks like the case should support up to a 155mm CPU cooler. The 212 Evo might not work, but there are other, better CPU coolers that shouldn't cost much more, and would likely fit, like the Cryorig H7. The H7 not only cools a bit better, but also arguably looks a lot nicer than a 212 Evo.
  6. And yeah, going by the specifications on Cryorig's site, the H7 is only 145mm tall, and would likely fit.
  7. Correction on my part:

    I was wrong about the cpu cooler height in your case.
    It is infact as cryoburner stated 155mm and not 140mm as I stated.

    Nevertheless you will not be able to fit the 212evo but both cryorig will.
    And I would go for the cryorig H7 if you could, and it will even outperform the 212evo on everthing just so you know.
  8. Thank you all for these replies! I freaking love how helpful this community is. I almost bought the 212 yesterday, luckily I didn't. The only thing that's stopping me from buying the H7 is the price and also the bulkiness. I'm concerned that it will not fit and it'll hit my exhaust fan (as shown in this picture: I might watch some videos of the Cryorig H7 and if I think it won't fit I might just go for the M9i
  9. Yeah, that fan is kind of close. I noticed that Cryorig does have a papercraft compatibility tester on that page I linked to, that might give you a better idea of how big it will be though.
  10. From the videos that I've seen, I don't think the H7 would fit. Even if it does, it'll hit my exhaust fan ( I think I might just go for the M9i. Is 212 better than M9i?
  11. Cooling wise they are about the same, but noise wise the M9i is better:
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