Are pentium 1151 unlocked

I have a z170-hd3 mb
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  1. No I don't believe any of the 6th gen or 7th gen Pentiums are unlocked.
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  2. Nope the best you can get is an unlocked i3 but the cost is a little steep considering you can jump to an i5 for as little as 40 more dollars , though not unlocked.

    $150 i3 7350K @4.2ghz unlocked
    $190 i5 7400 @3ghz locked
    $204 i5 7500 @ 3.4ghz locked
    $220 i5 7600 @3.5ghz locked
    $240 i5 7600K @3.8ghz unlocked
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  3. Officially no, these are locked.

    With a skylake CPU, e.g. a G4400 and the right BIOS some motherboards can overclock the CPU via BCLK, but since the locked G4560 (kabylake) that´s not relevant anymore I think, couldn´t find a source for that. But the 4560 should outperform all previously unofficially overclockable Skylake Pentiums.
    It´s a dual core as well but can handle 4 threads at the same time. That´s important since more and more games will only run on 4threads, like Far Cry 4+
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