Good Fan Curve/Overclock settings for the MSI Gaming X GTX 1050ti

as the title says, thank you in advance.
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    Our applied tweak:

    Core Voltage : 100%
    Power Limit : 125 %
    Temp. limit : 97 C
    Core Clock : + 120
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz

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  2. Fan Curve:

    EDIT: Changed picture upload site, Photobucket wants $400. I am not paying that. Also, I edited this after I added a new reply below. I am sorry for the confusion. It was very late last night [early this morning here] when I tried to upload the picture to Tom'sHardware.

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  3. I do not suggest you start with JackNaylorPE's settings.

    I would start at:
    Core Voltage : +80%
    Power Limit : 120 %
    Temp. limit : 90 C
    Core Clock : + 115
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz

    If you have no problems, work your way up to his suggestion of:
    Core Voltage : +100%
    Power Limit : 125 %
    Temp. limit : 97 C
    Core Clock : + 120
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz
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  4. Danra said:
    Fan Curve:

    I cant see the picture and i'll do ur overclcok setting first then jack
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    Sorry. I received a message from Photobucket, they want $400 dollars for me to post images. I can't afford that.

    I will try this one:

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  6. all gtx 1050ti are 75w
    does +80% means 75w+ 80% ?
    if the card will get more than 75wn how does the power draawing works, 75w 24/7 from PCIe and the rest from the PSU or how so ?
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