Good Fan Curve/Overclock settings for the MSI Gaming X GTX 1050ti

as the title says, thank you in advance.
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    Our applied tweak:

    Core Voltage : 100%
    Power Limit : 125 %
    Temp. limit : 97 C
    Core Clock : + 120
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz

  2. Fan Curve:

    EDIT: Changed picture upload site, Photobucket wants $400. I am not paying that. Also, I edited this after I added a new reply below. I am sorry for the confusion. It was very late last night [early this morning here] when I tried to upload the picture to Tom'sHardware.

  3. I do not suggest you start with JackNaylorPE's settings.

    I would start at:
    Core Voltage : +80%
    Power Limit : 120 %
    Temp. limit : 90 C
    Core Clock : + 115
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz

    If you have no problems, work your way up to his suggestion of:
    Core Voltage : +100%
    Power Limit : 125 %
    Temp. limit : 97 C
    Core Clock : + 120
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz
  4. Danra said:
    Fan Curve:

    I cant see the picture and i'll do ur overclcok setting first then jack
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    Sorry. I received a message from Photobucket, they want $400 dollars for me to post images. I can't afford that.

    I will try this one:

  6. Msi gtx 1050ti Gaming X
    first profile after 30 min of building the PC is:
    Core Voltage : i didnt not touch this setting
    Power Limit : 125 %
    Temp. limit : 97 C
    Core Clock : + 150
    Memory Clock : +1000 MHz

    and it runs super cool, it does not reach 55°C with 40% fan speed even at Full load with benchmarking and stressing. this twinfrozer cooling is unbelievable. i see PPL in youtube getting over 60°C with 80% fan speed but i got 55° max witth 30% fan speed.
  7. What kind of TDP you guys hit with 1050 ti? Example Furmark benchmark with 1440 or 1080 preset? Do you get near 100% TDP or more?
  8. Pascal gpus are very efficient compared to prior releases. My gtx970 is sitting at a 124%OC, usually only sees @55-60% usage and doesn't get more than 65°C (or the fans would actually kick on). Only ways I can make the fans work is killing the eco switch, or driving the gpu to 99% with the hairy donut or a 4k DSR on some games. Tops out at 78°C. With ad efficient as pascal is, and the relative lack of power usage on a 1050ti,coupled with the twin frozr cooling system, unless you have serious case fan airflow issues you'll hit voltage/clock limits long before temp limits.
  9. My GTX 670 G1 windforce w3 wont get even more than 62c at full 100% load in furmark. TDP hits about 130-133% max cause i have overclocked from core 980 to 1267mhz and memory from 1500 to 1889mhz. Windforce x3 is the best cooling there is if you dont count watercooling.
    Dont know how that compares to 1050ti but if your going 100% load then power limit could be a factor.
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