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Is the i7-7700k and GTX 1070 compatible with the Asus H170 PRO/CSM Motherboard?
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  1. It would be better for you to get a z270 motherboard. You would have to update the bios on a 170 chipset and you would not be able to do it since the 7700k would not work with out the bios update. It would work on a 270 chipset motherboard. Also since the i7 7700k is a overclocking cpu a z motherboard would be what you need. The H170 will not overclock if you so desire to do so in the future.
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  3. The 770k is an overclockable CPU, your MoBo selection does not provide support for overclocking. The entry point for overclockable MoBos w/ good gaming sound support (Realtek 1220) has been $130.... that'[s changed for right now so jump on it. Anandtech said of the Z170 version that 'it sets the standard" at $130.
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