Trying to overclock my 7600k on Asus mothrboard

Hi, I want to overclock my i5 7600k but it is my first time. I have already overclocked my CPU to 4.4ghz using the Asus EZ mode tool but I want to go higher to 4.8 - 5ghz I tried to clock it to 4.7 with voltage of 1.3 but I got a blue screen when I logged onto Windows so I don't want to mess around with it anymore until I get some help. Also, I noticed there is a permade profile for 5ghz but I need some advice on that one as I don't want to risk damaging my CPU. I need some help here please.

Thanks for any advice
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  1. It is best if you do this in the bios. 1.3 on the vcore will not be enough alone. You also will need to enable llc so you do not get vdroop. Also there should be a setting for offset mode. This is used so it does not constantly run at 1.3v. It is probable that to get to 4.8ghz you will also have to raise the vcore to at least 1.35v. It is safe to take it as high as 1.4 as long as you have proper cooling and can keep the temps under 70c while it is stress tested.

    These tips are general. Without knowing your motherboard and what you use for cooling it is hard to get more specific.

    Take a look at this video.
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