"AMD" RAM for an Intel DG41RQ Motherboard?

This is the first budget gaming rig I'm building so I want to be 100% I'm buying the correct items.

This specifies its only for AMD

I've looked into my motherboard and seen that its fully compatible with it. Really the only problem is that "AMD only" which I think is false but again, I just wanna make 100% sure.
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    The DDR2 memory at eBay may be using memory chips with x4 data width which is recognized by AMD based memory controllers but not (fully) recognized by Intel based memory controllers.

    The photo of the memory modules for sale at eBay is not clear enough to positively identify the type of memory chips used. But most likely the memory chips are x4 data width anyway.

    So, either this memory will not work at all in the DG41RQ motherboard, or at best, the system might only recognize half the installed memory (4 GB, instead of 8 GB).

    Therefore it is suggested that you look elsewhere for "compatible" DDR2 memory.
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