GTX 780 Ti Classified no display

I recently bought a 780 ti and went ahead and upgrade from my 680

The problem is when I plug it in with the 2 8 pin connectors, the fans spin but no display. There seems to be 5 leds on the top of the gpu but only two are on (the first 2 from the right) and I read somewhere that it could be a voltage problem. But I'm not so sure since the psu works perfectly fine with my old 680 which uses 2 6 pin connectors

If anyone has ideas please speak out

I've tried putting it in a different pc by still the same psu since the different one didn't have any 8 pins but that didn't work

I tried erasing my previous Nvidia drivers
I've tried rewiring everything

My specs :

I7 2600k
18gb of ram
Gtx 680 (780 ti to be if it works)
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  1. What PSU?
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  2. CORSAIR CX 750m
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  3. The CX 750m has the right cables, 2x 6+2 pcie cables. Dont try and use the fixed 8 pin cables, they are not for graphics cards.
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  4. I didn't try using that, I plugged it in properly but it doesn't seem to show any display
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  5. So you used two of the 6+2 pcie power cables, and it didnt work in both systems?

    sounds like the graphics card is faulty.
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