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So I just bought the i5 6600k and asus B250H gaming motherboard and I have a GTX 1060 now I upgrade from a 8 year old AMD processor and I'm seeing no fps difference from my old build to my new build. take into account that I haven't reinstalled windows 10 after installing the new motherboard and CPU
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    You can't move from an old AMD platform to a new Intel platform and not reinstall the OS, there are so many drivers in the registry that don't work anymore. Download your motherboard drivers and graphics driver and reinstall the operating system and there shouldn't be any problems if you do it correctly.
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  2. Could I factory reset it instead of reinstalling the os do I have to reinstall 100%
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  3. Is it a prebuilt? Because the factory reset will have the drivers for the old motherboard in it, not the new one. If you built it yourself, there's no such thing as a factory reset because you are the factory.
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