CPU high temps, different temps from different programs?

I have a problem with my PC (I think) 2 weeks ago i encountered a freeze on my pc, where all i could do was to turn it off by pressing the button on the case. I updated all drivers, and havent really encountered it since. I did though start to watch my temps on my CPU... and they seem to be too high, i have recently cleaned the PC for dust, but doesnt seem to help. I ran prime 95 to see what temps i would get, but noticed i got very different temps from my asus AIsuite and from RealTemp... what should I trust? image below is a screenshot of the results (sorry for the widescreen, it captured both monitors:P)
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  1. First things first; If you upload a picture, only show the neccesary things, so cut it in paint or whatever.

    Then for the problem;
    When did you encouter the problem, whilst gaming or doing regular stuff?
    What kind of processor you got and what cooler do you have.
    Please give us more details about your pc, otherwise we can not guess at the problem
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  2. Hi thanks and sorry for the picture once again..
    Specs are
    i5-4670k as seen on CPU-z
    The cooler is corshair H80i i think its called, a closed loop water cooler

    The problem began while playing games, where it would just freeze up, havent had that since, but i try not to stress my cpu to the point where it shuts down, it seems to idle at about 40-45c which seems high... but yeah again, thats from real temp, asus AIsuite says 38-40, dont know which to trust
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  3. I was recently just playing a game and my temps raised to 70, when closing all apps and games, it dropd to 55 and slowly down to 45.. and seems to be idling at 45, which seems high and if i recall correctly it used to do that at 35... I have little to no knowledge about cpu and cooling, but does it seem like thermal paste or think its my cooler thats about to give out?
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  4. 45 is indeed too high for idle cpu.
    Try to remove the cooler and put some new thermal paste, maybe that will help.
    Otherwise try to put another cooler on, maybe something like a 212 Evo(30€)
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  5. Thanks for the responses, what thermal paste would you recommend, from what ive researched the artic silver 5 or the mx4 should be the best? but to be honest i have no clue :)
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  6. The artic silver 5 will do just fine
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  7. Quick update, I recently changed the thermal compound, cleaned the pc off for dust... and it did help abit, im running 3-5 degrees lower, but im still idling at 38-42c, which to me still seems too high. If i remember correctly it used to idle at 30-34, so somethings still not quite right. Next step would be to try a new cooler i guess?
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  8. Yup, sorry for the late response.
    Try maybe the stock cooler you got it with.
    You didn't overclock it did you?
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  9. Hey,
    Yeah i didnt overclock the CPU settings are stock. About the stock cooler, i dont have that since my PC was bought prebuild, so to check another cooler i would have to get a new one, but you think a 212 evo will keep it cool, even under load? by load i mean a game and a watching a stream on the second screen?
    also thx for the responses, appreciate it
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