GTX 980 or 1060 3GB

So I was planning to buy a GTX 1060 3GB card for about 225. But somebody on craigslist near me is selling a gently used 980 (non ti) for 250. I think I may be able to talk them down to 225.

Which do you recommend? 980 or 1060 3GB for the same price.

Also if you know of a better deal for the money, please share.
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  1. A 980 is slightly better, but uses more power. So kinda a toss up
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  2. the performance difference is neglible at best under the naked human eye. id go with the 980 if its mint and still under warranty but power consumption and cooling wise 1060 is slightly better.
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    100% go for the GTX 980. The 3GB frame buffer on the 1060 is very meh, it get's filled up really quickly so the 980 has a lot longer life capacity.

    Now if we were talking gtx 1060 6GB cards, then it would be hard to choose.
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