ASRock AB350m Pro 4

Just checking, what do you guys think of this board? Just bought it on Friday with an R5 1600 cpu. It seems like a decent board that has cooling on the vrms.

I have not used a lot of ASRock equipment, mostly a Gigabyte guy, but trying something new, and the sales guy at the local microcenter says those are some of his more reliable boards now. Haven't tried overclocking, but it seems happy enough at stock.

One thing I will say that I do not like is the placement of the sata ports on the right side, all 4 together, the stacked type configuration. Where they are placed butts up against the hard drive cage on my storm scout case. Also where the primary pci express slot is, when you put a long video card there, the card actually covers the sata ports. I was using 3 ports of 4 but went ahead and ran a 4th cable into the last port in case I want to add another drive.

As I said, stock, all seems happy. May get a better cooler and overclock a bit. Anyone have this board or experience with it?

Currently running R5 1600 with it on stock cooling (don't think my old v6 gt was compatible). Also storage is a standard 1 tb hard drive, want to get an SSD later. I'd put my old one in a laptop for my wife.

Ram is crucial ballistics ddr4 2400. Have that in dual channel. Running a powercolor(I think) Radeon 7950 from my old build until I get more cash and the GPU prices drop. I figure I'm getting 1050ti performance from it.
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  1. I have not used the B350 board, but I have used some of the ASRock Pro 4 lineup and I have not had any problems. They seem to be very solid boards and competitively priced.

    The real question will be how it overclocks, but a lot of that depends on the CPU. But the wraith spire cooler on the 1600 is a very good stock cooler and you should be able to get a decent overclock with it.
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  2. Really? I have the CM Storm Scout.

    Few years old but still a good case. I have currently a fan in the front and in the back. I just ordered 2 120mm fans for the side to push air in, the one in front pulls air in as well, single 120mm for exhaust. Also, the pics may not show it, but that case used to have a 120mm fan in the top. I think I took it out a while back for some reason or other, but I've ordered a 140mm fan for up top. Figure I can push air directly onto the cpu with that. Or I could use it as a blowhole to pull hot air off cpu I suppose.

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  3. Doesnt really matter what we think because you already bought it.

    The side slots for SATA is good aesthetically for cable management but I agree that it makes it difficult to insert and remove cables and keep them from having a very sharp bend.
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  4. Well the good news is that I'm within my 15 day return period and bought a 2 year warranty from microcenter when I got it, so if I need to take it back any time I can take it in and trade up. I would get about 50 bucks back for it after next week because of the fact I got it on a combo deal, so when I bought it, it was 79.99, but I paid 50 bucks essentially. But nice thing about those warranties, if I buy a graphics card for example, and get the warranty, I can take it in a month before the warranty runs out, get store credit for original price of the gpu, and put more money with it and trade upward.

    Maybe I should have put that warranty on the But it was an extra 20 bucks and I was already at my budget. I think the 1600 will be good for a while though.

    Really ready for another ssd when I get cash. I had a 240gb in there that I put in my wife's laptop, had an FX 6300 at the time, and wow. Even with the power of the 1600, I can feel how much longer things take to load. But once a game is loaded up, so much smoother even with the old 7950.
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    Microcenter is a great place for CPU parts. I am fortunate enough to live near one as well. They have some good deals on Samsung SSDs this week, $129 for a 500gb EVOs and $80 for the 250gb EVO.
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