Zotac Gtx 1050 ti 4GB normal vs OC edition

So I wanted to buy zotac gtx 1050 ti 4GB OC Card which is Rs: 12,499 In India ( My Country ) but recently found it's non 'OC' version at Rs: 11,470 . So my question is how can I save the extra money and get same performance as the OC Card safely and without any tension.

Thanks in advance :)
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    There are a couple difference between the various 1050s The base 1050 is 2GB, the 1050 Ti is 4GB. Some of them just run off of the PCIe 75W slot. Some have an added 75W PCIe 6 pin cable which would be useful for overclocking. Also some of them have just 1 fan and an aluminum heatsink, while others have heatpipe coolers with 1 or 2 fans. Again this will make a big difference in overclocking and justify a higher price. You have to figure out what you want the card to do. Some of them are made to be compact and give the maximum inexpensive upgrade to small office type computers, others are for gamers and overclockers who need extra power and cooling. The factory OC cards should have the better coolers and be faster clocked.
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