I5 2500k(stock) vs ryzen3 1200

I want to know if I should upgrade
my current specs:
cpu:i5 2500k
mobo: ga b75m hd3
ram: 4gb ddr3
psu: insignia 520w

I want know if I should upgrade or stick with my i5
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  1. I'd not be making that switch until you can go to the R5-1600...
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    Stick with the trusty 2500k...
    You need at least 250$ for motherboard/cpu/ram for a new R1200 build and it's going to perform about the same.
    Sadly your motherboard doesn't support overclocking so you're kinda stuck until you have a bit more to spend.

    What games do you play and at what resolution? It might be more sensible to upgrade your graphics card, depending on what you have now.
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