Corsair H100i v2 Cooler Failed

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For the last month, I've been getting on and off CPU temp error when booting my machine. Will run fine for a week. Then suddenly, from a cold boot, I get the CPU temp error at the post screen to "check or disable fan speed low limit and to make sure the cpu fan is plugged into the right header" or something like that.

I followed those directions, disabled low limit and checked connections but no joy. While in the bios, I could see the CPU temp rising into the mid 90s, which I knew was a bad sign.

I suspected the Corsair closed loop cooler was failing which I've had for about 2 years. I unseated it to check/replace thermal paste on the CPU, and after putting it back together, it ran fine. But then after a few reboots, same problem. I started thinking that just moving the cooler around (jostling it as I removed it) somehow kicked the pump back into working. When it failed the next time, I lightly tapped the face of the cooler with the plastic handle of a screwdriver, and that did the trick--the machine booted fine. But after running for a week, the temp error came back. I used the same trick for another week to get it to boot, but eventually that trick was no good either and the machine would only give the temp error at boot.

Lucky, I had my old Thermaltake Water 2.0 cooler (smaller radiator) still and slapped it on, and the machine seems to be running fine at the moment. But my question is this: I'm pretty sure my warranty on the Corsair H100i has run out. So...what about cracking one of these things open? Has anyone ever done it? Or is it toast as soon as you do that? I see there are small screws on the faceplate--is there any chance if I opened it, I might see what's wrong with it? Or are these $100 coolers just disposable? Has anyone heard of these failing out of the blue? Is it the pump crapping out or what?

Thanks for any ideas...
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    welcome to the world of AIO coolers. They fail whenever they like. If its within 3 years you can RMA it. I sold mine that I got back from RMA for $80.
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  2. Got it. Thanks. It's the first one to fail for me, so I wasn't sure. I looked over the warranty and it seemed complicated--2 years if this, 5 years if that, lifetime for next to nothing--but I'll give it a shot.
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  3. Corsair RMA is really easy to work with. Best of luck!
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