Msi b350 gaming pro carbon Ethernet not detected

So I just built a new system and my Ethernet port doesn't work. Can't install drivers because I get a can't find intel network adapter warning. I've taken my mobo out and ran it on the box it came in to make sure there's no shorting issues but still the same problem. The lights on the Ethernet port do not come on with a cord connected and I've tried multiple cords. Any ideas on what is wrong?
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  1. You need an Ethernet driver too. Use a separate computer and a USB stick to get drivers needed
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  2. I've tried to install the driver from the msi site but ends in an error saying no network adapter found. In the device manager it doesn't show any network adapters except for the generic ones.
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  3. I'm having the same problem, but I have access to internet via WiFi too. Does anyone have a solution to this?
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