Gigabyte Mainboard, Missing some settings/different names of settings

Hi there,

I want to OC my I5 4670K, mainboard Z97-HD3, and do this by following Intel Gods' guide.

My problem is that he mentions some words like "CPU cache Multiplier" or "CPU cache Voltage".

I can't find these options in my current Gigabyte BIOS and there is also no OC-guide with that BIOS.

Heres a link to what it looks like:

Im hoping one of you guys can help me and tell me the current setting names of the following:

1. Set "All Core" CPU Multiplier to 44X
2. Set CPU cache Multiplier also called the Ring bus multiplier to 35
3. Set Fixed CPU Vcore to 1.25 -1.30v
4. Set CPU Cache Voltage also could be called Ring Bus voltage to 1.20v -1.25vv
5. Set Vrin also called "CPU Input Voltage" To 1.9v - 2.1

Thank you very much!
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    1. CPU clock ratio
    2. CPU ring ratio
    3. CPU Vcore
    4. CPU Ring voltage
    5. CPU Vrin external override
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