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So I have been looking into PCle vs NVME M.2 and SATA SSD. I need more storage, but simply do not see how spending so much on a Samsung 960 Pro 1TB is worth it(for my uses). For real world applications like loading games and things of that sort, I see no huge difference. Any other recommendations for a solid 1TB SSD drive mostly for games and grad school work. I do SAM and many other codings but never had to transfer huge files. Or does anyone have experience with them and can say that they truly are worth It?

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    I would not take 960. As much as I love to see this speed, for me price/value is unacceptable.
    I think that
    is plenty and still much faster than SATA.
    I would also consider this:

    and add 4TB HDD

    If you just expand and already have SSD, then push 4 TB HDD for games. Load times will ~2x but once it is in RAM then there will be no difference ( as long as you have ~16GB RAM)
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  2. Game load times (850 EVO vs. 960 Pro/EVO) are 100% the same (as tested with a variety of games at NCIX TechTips), as storage is not a bottleneck when loading levels....

    A few seconds shaved off of shutdown and boot times, but, nothing major...; I bought the 960 EVO, it is nice to benchmark, but nothing earth-shattering in real world...
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  3. Thank you both
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