Nvidia Geforce Driver crashes my desktop

So i usually i use geforce experience to download the latest drivers. but after i downloaded it my desktop started to crash.

Took 5-15 minutes before the whole screen turned white/blue/black (one of those colors) then crashed. I had to boot down the computer, to get it running again. Then the same thing happens again. Doesn't matter if i'm gaming or just browsing the internet, it even crashes when my computer doesn't do anything.

I'm currently using an older driver from March, which is working fine. But windows 10 is constantly trying to force update the newest nvidia driver that makes my computer crash. (im running windows 10 home, so i can't change anything in the update.) Anyone with similar experience or any tip?

Spec : Geforce GTX 760 x2 (using an sli bridge, tried to install the newest update with the sli bridge and without it). I7 2600k 3.40 ghz

Btw ( it's not overclocked)
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  1. If you have a stable build, with a working nvidia driver, dont update to that bad one for you. your card is probably too low and the new updates are screwing it
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  2. also update windows 10
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