Get i7 and keep it or get i5 and upgrade to 8700k when coffee lake is released in a bit with 6 core cpu

I wanted to get a 6700k or 7700k but coffee lake is right around the corner offering 6 core 12 thread cpus as consumer i7's what should I do?
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  1. The coffee lake CPUs won't work on the current boards, so upgrading to one isn't an option. Ryzen already offers 8c16t for less than a 7700k if you really need the threads.
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    Although I too am looking forward to seeing the 8700K's gaming performance, I'd be surprised if it keeps up with the 7700K in most games due to the 8700K's default lower base clock of 3.7 GHz or so...; if it OC's on all 6 cores to at least 4.2 GHz, then it might surpass the 7700K at stock, but, not sure what clock speeds the 8700K can sustain... No one knows outside of an Intel lab....

    One things for certain...the 7700K is damn fast NOW at $300, and that won't change no matter how 8700K performs at $385+.....

    In any event, we won't know for another month or so, the official 8th gen launch only began with a paper launch of laptop parts...; the 8700K will come later 'in the fall', which is probably October over September...
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