Thermal paste went on the side of the cpu.

Hello, I was cleaning my PC and I saw that last time when I re-applied thermal paste i put a little bit too much and some of it went to the sides of the cpu (the green pcb and a little bit on the plastic frame or idk how to call it) but no thermal paste went under the cpu (on the pins cause the cpu was already installed in the socket) So my question is it a problem that thermal paste went there cause my PC is working atm and I dont see any temp diff. (btw I used Artic MX-4 and my CPU is FX 6300 am3+ socket)
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    that's fine.
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  2. James Mason said:
    that's fine.

    thanks for the answer I was curious cuz I never faced problem like this for more than 4 years cleaning pc's etc (mostly intel sockets)
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